COUP's ’13–’14 & ’14–’15 board

Meet the Board

Jonathan Jin

Jonathan Jin · Chair

From: Chicago, but family currently lives in Beijing

Studies: CS, Econ

Joined because: I like organizing events just as much as I like going to them. COUP gives me the chance to scratch both of those itches. Plus we get free Fall Formal tickets, which I don’t think anyone can complain about.

Best COUP memory: Sometime last year we were doing massive spring cleaning because our office was honestly a bit of a sty. Cutlery puns.

Ideal Fall Formal locale: Rivendell. Rapture. Elsa’s castle. Oh god the choices.

Would rather fight: Duck-sized horses. If that duck gets in the air—which it inevitably will—we’re all screwed.

A raven is like a writing-desk because: Poe wrote on both.

Is salty because: I’m sorry, your sass is not recognized in Fort Kickass.

Jonathan Jin

Chair ·

Michelle Guo

Michelle Guo · Assistant Chair

From: West Philadelphia, PA

Studies: Biology, Music

Joined because: I was on the student council in high school and helped plan large school events, like pep rallies and dances. I wanted to continue that kind of event planning on a larger scale.

Best COUP memory: We ordered too many bags of ice for Summer Breeze this past year. I had been awake for almost 12 hours at that point and it was ridiculously warm outside, so I let the board members make it hail on me.

Ideal Fall Formal locale: Actually under the sea. I’m sick of decorating this with blue streamers and getting fake seaweed.

Would rather fight: I would take an army of duck-sized horses any day. They would be adorable. Have you ever seen ducks with teeth?

A raven is like a writing-desk because: What kind of writing desk do you have?

Is salty because: Everyone is basic.

Michelle Guo

Assistant Chair ·

Emily Tixier

Emily Tixier · Assistant Chair

From: New Orleans, LA

Studies: Biology, Visual Arts

Joined because: I take a lot of pride in making other people happy. Being on COUP lets me do just that, and on a pretty large scale. I was further convinced by volunteering at a couple events and hanging out with some of the board members, who were all super friendly and excited about what they were doing.

Best COUP memory: Perhaps getting a tour of the Shedd aquarium for free when we were booking it for Fall Formal.

Ideal Fall Formal locale: Blackreach, Skyrim.

Would rather fight: Ten duck-sized horses because birds are terrifying. I was once attacked by a rooster, I don’t like to talk about it anymore.

A raven is like a writing-desk because: ~ carbon ’n stuff ~


Emily Tixier

Assistant Chair ·

Hyebin Park

Hyebin Park · Administrator

From: Originally Seoul, South Korea but I’m from NYC!

Studies: Biological Sciences, Spanish

Joined because: I always liked being a part of school events and when I found out about COUP I knew I wanted to be a part of it.

Looking forward to: planning events that the whole student body gets excited about!

Ideal Fall Formal locale: The American Museum of Natural History in New York, in the hall with the giant whale. I know the museum holds events in that hall all the time, and it’s honestly been on my bucket list to attend one of them.

Would rather fight: Probably ten duck sized horses, like how bad could that be?

A raven is like a writing-desk because: I know Mad Hatter asks this question to Alice, and she has no idea, so I can’t answer this one...

Is salty because: You can’t be one hundred percent sweet.

Hyebin Park

Administrator ·

Sanya Goyal

Sanya Goyal · Facilities

From: New Delhi, India

Studies: Economics, East Asian Languages & Civ

Joined because: I love event-planning and logistics. It is the best RSO on campus in terms of everything—productivity, fun, involvement and passion, and the people are fantastic.

Best COUP memory: My first Summer Breeze because as an incoming board member, feeling part of the team in putting up the biggest event of the year is pretty ecstatic. I also really enjoy the meetings—brainstorming ideas, cracking jokes and eating delicious cookies (thanks jjin!!)

Ideal Fall Formal locale: In space

Would rather fight: A horse-sized duck

A raven is like a writing-desk because: Edgar Allen Poe wrote a poem on a raven: “(the raven) Perched, and sat, and nothing more” as did Poe sit on a writing-desk, while penning this down!

Is salty because: I don't like sweet!! In a more serious sense, double standards.

Sanya Goyal

Facilities ·

Jasmine Ortega

Jasmine Ortega · Facilities

From: Miami, FL

Studies: Comparative Human Development, Spanish

Joined because: I wanted to play a part in planning the large scale events for the University community.

Looking forward to: Seeing everyone enjoy themselves at the events that we put so much effort into planning!

Ideal Fall Formal locale: This year’s Fall Formal locale, for sure. It’s going to be a good one!

Would rather fight: Ten duck-sized horses, no doubt.

A raven is like a writing-desk because: I think you might do something better with the time than wasting it in asking riddles that have no answers.

Is salty because: I guess I must’ve spent too much time in the ocean.

Jasmine Ortega

Facilities ·

Cuyler Lam

Cuyler Lam · Entertainment

From: Chicago, New Jersey, Dallas, you decide

Studies: History, Public Policy

Joined because: I thought it would be a good experience.

Best COUP memory: Running the Mardi Gras event

Ideal Fall Formal locale: All of Disneyland

Would rather fight: Duck-sized horse. I like those fights where I have an unfair advantage.

A raven is like a writing-desk because: Yes.

Is salty because: noobs who feed #pjsalt

Cuyler Lam

Entertainment ·

William Rhee

William Rhee · Entertainment

From: Aliso Viejo, CA

Studies: No idea :( (Help)

Joined because: Of how cool the events were and how awesome it would be to organize events on someone else’s dime. But more than that, I really enjoyed that COUP worked hard to provide fun, free, seasonal events!

Looking forward to: Waking up at 5 in the morning for COUP-via!

Ideal Fall Formal locale: Along the Chicago River would be great. There’s a set of lights under the bridge that reflect on the river surface.

Would rather fight: A horse-sized duck.

A raven is like a writing-desk because: We commonly call ravens and writing-desks because at that moment when we perceive of the item before us we tend to generalize the concept and simply call them (respectively) crows and tables.

Is salty because: I spilled a chunk of the communal salt in my pot of boiling water.

William Rhee

Entertainment ·

Andy Yan

Andy Yan · Entertainment

From: Houston, Texas

Studies: Economics, Statistics

Joined because: We hold the coolest events on campus, and we're a community of people with common interests and experiences.

Best COUP memory: Fall Formal during my second year. It was a really cool experience , and even though there were some hitches, everyone pulled together to help out.

Ideal Fall Formal locale: Willis Tower

Would rather fight: ten duck-sized horses

A raven is like a writing-desk because: This riddle is designed to be nonsensical, and Lewis Carroll never intended any real answer to the question. The point of the riddle is that it has no answer, although people have come up with interpretations of the riddle. I have not :(

Is salty because: Wow I actually just learned that salty is a real adjective you can use to describe someone to mean pissed/upset. Thanks!

Andy Yan

Entertainment ·

Nikita Sachdeva

Nikita Sachdeva · Food & Beverage

From: Delhi, India

Studies: Economics, Statistics

Joined: To learn event management and work with a dynamic team to organize some of the best events on campus.

Best COUP memory: Our COUP party planning meeting and fall formal management in 2013

Ideal Fall Formal locale: Outdoor Fall Formal at the Point

Would rather fight: I would have the one horse sized duck eat the ten duck sized horses.

A raven is like a writing-desk because: It's all about the beak.

Is salty because: Sugar gives you diabetes.

Nikita Sachdeva

Food & Beverage ·

Aneesa Sonawalla

Aneesa Sonawalla · Food & Beverage

From: Edison, NJ aka Dirty Jerz

Studies: Physics, CS

Joined because: COUP events are always the biggest, most awesome events of the year that manage to draw students from literally all parts of the University. After going to so many of them, I wanted to be a part of the group that made everything happen. So basically, because COUP is the coolest. (COUP-lest?)

Looking forward to: Kuvia. One full week of insanely early mornings and bracing cold, and so many people are still excited to participate?

Ideal Fall Formal locale: GLOW WORM CAVES. Alternately, ice caves. Or deep sea caves.

Would rather fight: I think I could convince duck-sized horses to play with me instead of fight me.

A raven is like a writing-desk because: Neither one is useful to have in my bedroom—and yet...

Is salty because: Because, like with all good food, everyone needs a bit of salt in their lives.

Aneesa Sonawalla

Food & Beverage ·

Sarah Li

Sarah Li · Marketing & Web

From: Fremont, CA

Studies: Economics

Joined because: I wanted to be more involved with campus.

Best COUP memory: Every event we put on :) but seriously, actually working with everyone the day of the event is super fun and rewarding.

Ideal Fall Formal locale: Paddy's Pub. Or somewhere else far more obscure yet culturally relevant. Like Belize?

Would rather fight: Duck-sized horses

A raven is like a writing-desk because: The Internet.

Is salty because: Not enough cowbell in my life.

Sarah Li

Marketing & Web ·

Kevin Wei

Kevin Wei · Marketing & Web

From: Naperville, IL

Studies: Public Policy Studies, Economics

Joined because: I get guaranteed free t-shirts and meet tons of people with different interests/backgrounds, all while helping UChicago create the best campus culture possible.

Looking forward to: Crazy board antics during the sleep-deprived moments of Kuvia.

Ideal Fall Formal locale: The Moon.

Would rather fight: Ten duck-sized horses, I would try to domesticate them and become the next superhero: Captain Quackerneigh.

A raven is like a writing-desk because: "Dude how about that math test?"

Is salty because: I combine NaHCO3 and creatine for maximum gainz.

Kevin Wei

Marketing & Web ·

Emma Almon

Emma Almon · PR

From: New York City (Sunnyside, Queens)

Studies: Public Policy, Human Rights

Joined because: I was coat checking an event with Priya and Michelle, and they told me I should apply (realtalk that's how it happened)

Best COUP memory: Cleaning out the office. We went through some shit but it was still worth it—> top banana award

Ideal Fall Formal locale: On the moon. If bound to the planet earth then I suppose I would opt for the roof/top floor of the Empire State Building. Can't beat that view.

Would rather fight: The duck-sized horses. But I wouldn’t try to outright fight them but turn them into a minion gang of my little ponies.

A raven is like a writing-desk because: Both of them have frustrated Edgar Allen Poe.

Is salty because: I’m not known for being sweet.

Emma Almon

PR ·

Priya Mistry

Priya Mistry · PR

From: Cynthiana, KY

Studies: International Studies, SALC

Joined because: I ended up participating or volunteering in every event my first year and I had a lot of fun each and every time. This, of course, includes Kuvia. So inevitably, I thought I'd try to join the board because of those experiences.

Best COUP memory: There is nothing quite like the solidarity that comes with being up at 5am with the rest of the board during the cold mornings of Kuvia.

Ideal Fall Formal locale: The Regenstein because then I really could never leave. But the Art Institute might be more ideal.

Would rather fight: I love ducks.

A raven is like a writing-desk because: Writing on a raven is animal cruelty.

Is salty because: They tore down Pierce. #neverforget

Priya Mistry

PR ·

Jasmine Wong

Jasmine Wong · PR

From: Concrete jungle where dreams are made

Studies: Comparative Human Development, Art History

Joined because: The events looked fun and people actually go to them.


Ideal Fall Formal locale: On the beach in Bora Bora.

Would rather fight: Neither. I would just play dead and hope for the best.

A raven is like a writing-desk because: They both have legs.

Is salty because: I had to think of answers for these questions.

Jasmine Wong

PR ·