Who are we?

Mandated Fun

The Council on University Programming is a group that is mandated to provide large-scale, engaging and entertaining events to the entire University community. All COUP events are free to University of Chicago students, staff, and alumni. COUP creates, organizes and executes many of the yearly social events that are synonymous with the social culture at the University of Chicago.

Our Events

Our events include Blues ’N Ribs, Kuviasungnerk/Kangeiko, Mardi Gras, Summer Breeze, Dance Marathon, Fall Formal and other special events. Being an active member of COUP is both exciting and demanding. Organizing large events (typically attended by over 2,500 people) requires organization, accountability, creativity, and most of all, stamina.

Get involved.


We always need volunteers to help before and during events. Please contact our public relations officers Jasmine (jasminewong@uchicago.edu), Priya (pmistry@uchicago.edu), or Emma (esalmon@uchicago.edu) for more information if you're interested in volunteering.

The Board

In addition to volunteering, you may apply for available board positions. Each board member is in charge of specific operations within COUP. For example, the marketing team is responsible for designing and ordering posters, creating t-shirts, and publicizing COUP events to a wide audience. Event chairs are in charge of organizing entire events, from choosing the music played to the food served, etc.


If you're interesed in applying for next year's board be sure to email our current chair Jonathan at jjin082693@uchicago.edu and stay on the lookout for application announcements mid-Spring quarter.